Online Reputation Enhancement

Encourage favourable reviews to be posted to the most popular online review sites whilst enpowering you to manage poor reviews and deal with them before they become public.

Know the benefits
Build Trust & Credibility

Having the trust of your clients is a major component of success. The internet makes everyone a budding journalist and when someone has a problem they are much more likely to spread the word about their experience. With numerous review websites such as Google Reviews, Yelp, Trustpilot & TripAdvisor negative content can spread like wildfire which is bad news for your business. If you are fortunate to recover from this negative publicity and regain the trust of your target audience, the cost will be high in comparison with having a process in place that could have prevented it.

Increase Sales

Do you read online reviews before using a business or making a purchase? If so, you are one of the 90% of customers that place a huge importance in online reviews. It is therefore obvious to say that negative reviews will directly affect sales. However, positive reviews  also have an effect on sales. A one-star increase on Yelp, can lead to a 5-9% increase in business revenue. Can you really afford to overlook this part of your business??

How It Works

ReviewsPad may be simple to use but don't let this distract you from the fact that it's a powerful tool for your business. By sending customer or clients to your ReviewsPad page you will be able to guide those who rate you positively onto one of the many public review website such as Google Reviews or Yelp. However, those customers/clients who have rated you less well will be sent to your own feedback page giving you the opportunity to intercede and prevent the dis-satisfied customer ever reaching the general public. However, even if a bad review does get onto one of the main review websites it will be diluted by the number of positive reviews being accrued.


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