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Here's Your Opportunity To Take Control Of Online Reputation By Increasing Good Reviews And Filtering Out Bad Reviews.

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What ReviewsPad Will Do For You!

Here a four things tangible things that ReviewsPad will do for you.


With ReviewsPad unique filtering system you will see a huge increase in 4 & 5 star reviews from you guests.


A key benefit to ReviewsPad is the ability to appease visitors that had a less than perfect experiance. This greatly reduces the likelyhood that they will go public with their complaint.


Without a doubt good reviews equate to more bookings. Ranking high for guest satisfaction on sites such as TripAdvisor will improve your business.


A less obvious benefit is potential search engine ranking improvements relating to good reviews. Search engines such as Google are always looking to validate websites and good reviews is a big bonus!


This amazing method has been very profitable for many accommodation providers.

Here's why...

ReviewsPad may be simple to use but don't let this distract you from the fact that it's a powerful tool for your business.


  • When a guest check out you add their email to your ReviewsPad.
  • ReviewsPad will then email your guest to find out how they found their stay/
  • Now here's the clever bit! Depending how they rate their stay ReviewsPad chooses how it deals with the next step.
  • If your guest rates you 4 or 5 stars ReviewsPad will invite them to add a review to a public review website such as TripAdvisor, Google etc... (We add no restiction and you can choose from one or more of the many review sites out there)
  • However, those guests who feel they've had a less than perfect stay will be directed to your own feedback page. Your guest will feel they have vented and you will have the oppotunity to appease the situation before the bad review ever reaches the general public.
  • However, even if a bad review does get onto one of the main review websites it will be diluted by the number of positive reviews being acrued though using ReviewPad.


By adding this one simple step to your day to day running of your accommodation business is proven to increase the volume of good reviews and minimise potentially damaging ones.


Can you really afford not to have this simple yet powerful tool not working for you?



Try our simple but highly effective demo. Don't forget your own ReviewPad would be styled to compliment your existing website.

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Can you use my own logo?

Yes, your ReviewsPad will be customised to complement your exisitng website. This includes using your logo if you have one.

Will my ReviewsPad page look like my website?

Yes, your ReviewsPad will be cusotmised to complemement your exisitng website. Colours will be matched and where possible the same or sililar fonts will be used.

Can I customise the messages?

Yes, you can let us know the messages you would like on ReviewsPad. This includes both the good and bad review page.

Do I have to offer an incentive to get people to write a review?

No, you do not have to offer any incentive on the good review page. Many people will be happy to do this for you simply because they had a great stay. However, we have found by offering a small incentive like a cream tea the next time they come or a small discount if they book up again not only increases the number of great reviews but also increases re-booking.

How quickly will my ReviewsPad page be set-up.

We aim to set-up a reviews pad within 48 hours of receiving the order. This is usually within 24 hours during week days.

Do I need one of your websites to use ReviewsPad

No, the great thing about ReviewsPad is that it works independantly from your website. Therefore you can use the service no matter who looks after your existing website.

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I started with ReviewsPad after I realised the boost my competition was getting by having a higher review rating on TripAdvisor. ReviewsPad soon helped level the playing field. As soon as my page was set-up I was able to submit the email address of previous guests and ReviewsPad did the rest. Within a week I had over an 20 more 4 and 5 star reviews and this continued to grow over the next couple weeks. After that I was able to continue to grow my reviews by submitting the email address of guests that had just left - simple but amazingly effective! Thank you ReviewsPad.

Margaret Phillips

All my bookings come from having great reviews on TripAdvisor. Having spoken to the ReviewsPad team it became clear that system would be perfect to help me maintain my good ratings. For me the key benefit was the ability to filter good and bad reviews. It allows me to push the good reviews straight to TripAdvisor whilst making me aware if anyone is unhappy allowing me the vital oppotunity to make it right! I not only feel happy knowing that ReviewsPad is acting as a kind of gate keeper but it is also improving my customer service and retention.

Lawrence Mendez



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